Fun City Clients 1982-2006

Wharton started Fun City Studios in 1982 and began recording many of New York’s experimental and alternative groups including Sonic Youth, White Zombie, Swans, Dinosaur Jr., Lunachicks and Glenn Branca. He has produced and recorded over 200 LPs and CDs, including Helmet’s Meantime, for which he received a gold record in 1993.

This is a partial listing of Wharton’s production and engineering credits. A more complete list can be found here.


Y Pants Beat It Down (Neutral)


Sonic Youth Confusion Is Sex (Neutral)
Sonic Youth Kill Yr. Idols (SST)
Various Artists Speed Trials (Homestead)
Glenn Branca Symphony No. 1 (Tonal Plexus) (ROIR)


Glorious Strangers S/T (Fun City)
Johnny Jewel The Final Resolve (Third Rail)
Sonic Youth Sonic Death (SST)


Band Of Outsiders Kid (Flickknife)
PJ’s Loveland Band Love (Loveland)
sGo Abbreviated (Daisy)


Glenn Branca Music For Edmond (sdtrk) (Schaus)
Pussy Galore Pussy Gold 5000 (Buy Our Records)
Das Damen EP (Ecstatic Peace)
Bewitched Chocolate Frenzy (Shove)
Sharky’s Machine A Little Chin Music (Love’s Simple Dreams)


Of Cabbages And Kings EP (Purge/Sound League)
Prong Primitive Origins (Mr. Bear)
White Zombie Soul Crusher (Caroline)
Honeymoon Killers Take It Off (Buy Our Records)
Dinosaur Jr. You’re Living All Over Me (SST)
Just Deserts Does Anyone Notice (Earhorn)
Sonic Youth Master=Dik (SST)
Lee Ranaldo From Here To Infinity SST
Just Desserts Sentimental War
Das Damen Jupiter Eye (SST)


Das Damen Triskaidekaphobe (SST)
Sonic Youth “Computer Age” from The Bridge: A Tribute to Neil Young (Caroline)
Swans Love Will Tear Us Apart (Caroline)
Cop Shoot Cop Headkick Facsimile (Supernatural)
Of Cabbages And Kings Face (Purge/Sound)
Dust Devils Geek Drip (Matador)
Pussy Galore Sugarshit Sharp (Caroline)
Borbetomagus Snuff Jazz (Agaric)
Pussy Galore Naked Chick (Supernatural)
Honeymoon Killers Turn Me On (Buy Our Records)
Da Willys Get Ugly (S/R)
Ciccone Youth Whitey Album (Capitol)


Glenn Branca Symphony #6 (Blast First)
Reverb Motherfuckers12 Swinging Signs (Rave)
HP Zinker …And There Was Light (Matador)
Dinosaur Jr. Just Like Heaven (Blast First)
Antietam Burgoo (Triple X)
Fish And Roses We Are Happy To Serve You (Homestead)
Sonic Youth Touch Me I’m Sick (Sub Pop)
Lunachicks Sugarluv EP (Blast First)
Beme Seed Future Is Attacking (Blast First)
Pussy Galore Dial “M” (Caroline)
Antietam “Eaten Up By Hate” (Triple X)
Nick Cave Unplugged (Mute)
Mad Tea Party All Hail The Banister (Cetost)


Lunachicks Babysitters On Acid (Blast First)
Unrest Kustom Karnal Blackxploitation (Caroline)
Of Cabbages And Kings Basic Pleasure, Basic Pain (Triple X)
Surgery Nationwide (Amphetamine Reptile)
Various NY Eye And Ear Control (Matador)
Velvet Monkeys Rake (Rough Trade)
Helmet Strap It On (Amphetamine Reptile)
Railroad Jerk S/T (Matador)
Shudder To Think Funeral At The Movies (Dischord)
Bewitched Brain Eraser (#6)
Powderburns S/T (Noiseville)
Joe Coleman Infernal Machine (Blast First)
Da Willys Saturday Night Palsy (Brake Out)
Gris Gris Yamakofu Sogyo (Tokyo)
Royal Trux S/T (Royal)
Jim Sauter / Don Dietrich / Thurston Moore Barefoot in Head (Forced Exposure)


Born Against Nine Patriotic Hymns (Veriform)
Teenage Fan Club God Knows It’s True (Matador)
Antiseen S/T (Allied)
Unsane S/T (Matador)
Gumball Special Kiss (Caroline)
Action Swingers S/T (Caroline)
Dean Wareham Anesthesia (Mint Tea)
Upsidedown Cross Kill For Satan (Taang)
Tulips Buxom (Dutch East)
King Carcass Other Minds, Other Species (#6)
Hole “Drown Soda” (single) (Caroline)


Helmet Meantime (Interscope)
Biohazard Urban Disipline (Roadrunner)
Glenn Branca Symphony No. 2 (Atavistic)
Beme Seed Purify (#6)
Further Super Griptape (Christmas)
Dinosaur Jr. Get Me (Blanco Y Negro)
Sexual Milkshake Sing Along In Hebrew (Teen Beat)
Unrest Imperial f.f.r.r. (#6)
Various Fear Of Smell (Vermiform)
Various Guitarorrists (#6)
Of Cabbages And Kings Hunter’s Moon (Triple X)
Yo La Tengo Delicacy & Nourishment (Matador)
Eggs Bruiser (Teen Beat)


Hell No Skin Job (Wardance)
Helmet Unsung + Live (Interscope)
Eggs Bruiser (Teen Beat)
Deity Guns Trans Lines Appointment (Big Cat)
Unsane Singles 89-92 (Matador)
1.6 Band Gun Collection (Gern Bland)
Helmet/House Of Pain Just Another Victim (Judgement Night)
Loudspeaker Supernatural (Cargo)
Shiv Fractured Chastiture (Atomic Action)
Upsidedown Cross Evilution (Taang)
Tara Key Bourbon County (Homestead)


Pussy Galore Corpse Love (Caroline)
Tara Key S/T (Homestead)
Unrest Isabel Bishop (4AD)
Rust EP (Atlantic)
TxDxFx Tribal War Asia (TW Records)
Flurries Desert Flower (Bam)
Giant Mums S/T (Quixotic)
Lotion EP (Big Cat)
Lid “Coney Island” b/w “Fast Is Slow” (Quixotic)
Babylon Dance Band Four On One (Matador)
Epic Soundtracks Rise Above (Bar/None)
Da Wills Saturday Nite Palsy (Brake Out)


Loog Meltdown House (Solid)
Vegetarian Meat Let’s Pet (#6)
Quicksand Manic Compression (Island)
Dentists Deep 6 (East West)
Digitalis EP (Subnumbula)
King Mob EP (M Rec)
Combine History Of American Rock’n‘roll (Caroline)
Black Snakes LP (Dutch)
Lid Crow EP (Quixotic)
The Dentists Deep Six (Elektra/Asylum)


Juicy Olive Juicy (Slo River)
Wharton Tiers Ensemble Brighter Than Life (Atavistic)
Zev Heads And Tails (Avant)
Run On Start Packing (Matador)
Mike Watt/J Mascis “What We Do Is Secret” (Germs Tribute) (Grass/BMG)
Men’s Club 13heavys (Bar/None)
Juicy OliveJuicy (Slo River)
Blastula S/T (Atavistic)
Caspar Brötzmann / Page Hamilton Zulutime (Sub Rosa)


Christina Rosenvinge Cerrado (WEA)
Sonic Youth SYR-1 (SYR)
Sonic Youth SYR-2 (SYR)
Sonic Youth Tibetan Freedom Compilation (Grand Royal)
Jenifer Convertible Wanna Drag? (Yum)
Sonic Youth Just Say Noel (Geffen)
Poem Rocket (Infinite Retry On Parallel Time Out) (PCP)
Chinese Puzzle Archeology (Dark Roots)
Free Kitten Sentimental Education (Kill Rock Stars)


Mark Eitzel Caught In A Trap… (Matador)
Sonic Youth/Jim O’Rourke SYR-3 (SYR)
Sonic Youth A Thousand Leaves (DGC)
Kerouac Kicks, Joy, Darkness (RYKO)
Free Kitten Sentimental Education (Wilja)
Coax Fear Of Standing Still (Paradigm)
Waxing Poetics Live (WP)
Just Deserts Give Up The Ghost (Glasseye Pix)
Lunachicks/Bush Tetras We Will Fall Compilation (Royalty)
David Rosenbloom & The Outlanders Mysteries (Dark Roots)


Thurston Moore Root (Lo)
Wharton Tiers Ensemble Twilight Of The Computer Age (Atavistic)
Sonic Youth SYR-4/Goodbye 20th Century (SYR)
Glenn Branca Symphony #1 Remix (ROIR)
Beef Misery And Lies (Elefant)
William Shatner Priceline.Com TV/Radio Spots
ICU ICU (Radical)


Sonic Youth NYC Ghosts And Flowers (DGC)
Mobile Homos Nubile On Sex St. (Steamer)
William Shatner Priceline.Com TV/Radio Spots
Kim Gordon Trio SYR-5 (SYR)


Edison Rocket Train Yes, Yes, Yes (Steel Cage)
Artless Plugged (The Only Label In The World)
Team Spider Out Like A Match (TSR)


Aytoback Kreisor S/T (Rubric)
An Albatross EP (Ace Fu)
The Blowtops Insected Mind (Big Neck)
Fuller The Lotus (S/R)
Curse S/T (S/R)
The Act Armageddon Hop (Orchard)


The Vexers Gangland Ballads And The Death Sex Set (Ace Fu)
John Brinton Hogan Sawing For Teens (Management Music)
Drug Money Mtn Cty Jnk (Hybrid)
Velvet Mafia Cheap But Not Free (Hassenstein Music)
Hominid All Accidental All The Time (Two Leg)
Beth Anderson Peachy Keen-O (Pogus Productions)
An Albatross We Are The Lazer Viking (Ace Fu)
The Blowtops PS This Is A Zombie (Big Neck)


Creeping Nobodies Stop Movement Stop Loss (Blocks)
ICU EP (Radical)
Harley Fine Hidden Drive (Rough-Mix)
Army Of Love Witness To The Monkey (S/R)
Gods Of Fire Wrath Of The Gods (Black Thirteen)
Pretendo S/T (Country Club)
Charles Douglas Statecraft (Enabler)


Replikas Avaz (Doublemoon)
Pretendo S/T (Country Club)


Alt Rock Duo Plucker (Scratchy)
Bosola RE:EP (S/R)
Creeping Nobodies Sound of Joy (Blocks)
Ranaldo / Giffoni / Moore / Cline Four Guitars Live (Important)
Ex-Lion Tamer Go Ghost (Tinstar)